Bridlington Sailing Coble Preservation Society Sailing Dates 2021

The Sailing Coble Festival in July 2021 has been regretably cancelled.

Proposed Sailing times for 2021 all the following are Sundays and weather permitting

April: 25th 14.00.

May: 9th  14.00, 23rd 12.30.

June: 6th 13.00, 13th 17.00, 20th 11.00.

July: 3rd and 4th 10.00 Arrangements will be made for the cobles based in Bridlington to sail as much as possible over the weekend in place of the Annual Bridlington Sailing Coble Festival (COVID-19 restrictions permitting).  More details to follow nearer the time. 11th 16.00, 18th 09.00, 19th 14.00, 25th 16.30.

August: 1st 09.00, 8th 16.00, 22nd 16.00.

September: 5th 14.30, 19th 14.30.

October: 3rd 14.00, 17th 14.00, 31st 11.00.

November: 14th 11.00, 28th 09.00.

December: 12th 10.00.

times adjusted for BST