During the hours of darkness, navigation lights at the end of the North Pier denote the following:

  • GREEN Light ……..Depth of water less than 9 feet in harbour entrance RED Light ……..Depth of water more than 9 feet in harbour entrance
  • In the hours of daylight, a red flag flying near the end of the South Pier denotes that here is more than 9 feet of water in the harbour entrance.
  • Call harbour on VHF channel 16 Working channel 12 Mobile 07860 275150
  • On entering and leaving the harbour, vessels must keep to starboard in the harbour entrance.
  • On entry, the watchkeeper will advise visiting craft where to berth and where a “visitor registration form” must be completed.
  • Jetski’s (personal watercraft) are not permitted within the harbour.
  • Pilotage if required is provided by the Harbour Master or his Deputy.

Please click the link to download TideTable2024

Please see relevant Government websites for latest tide times.

Tide Book available in the New Year for the harbour offices.