Coronavirus – Lockdown 3 from 4th January 2021

Persons owning a private craft vessel in Bridlington harbour are asked to use their commonsense and not to travel long distances to come to their boats.  If wishing to sail, we ask you do this with the people you live with or only one other person from their support bubble.  this is in accordance with the Government Regulations.

Essential maintenance of vessels is still permitted but please use your commonsense and follow the Government Guidelines.

As from the 7th January 2021 fishing from the piers is now permitted as exercise but Government guidelines are to be adhered to ie lone fishing, social distancing but not to travel from outside of your local area.   This also includes fishing from private vessels berthed in the harbour.

We would like to remind you that Bridlington harbour is a working harbour with a public right of way so please respect social distancing to keep yourselves and our workforce safe.

Bridlington harbour does not condone any breaking of Government Guidelines.